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Customer Comments

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Of all the places to eat, This is where I have chosen as my MUST eat at before I move back to Bermuda! Everythign about Blackwater is wonderful!
H.T. Marshall
Brunswick, Ga USA
real good job -))
you are the bomb
ssi, ga USA
As a local, I appreciate having a place where I can enjoy great food and an inviting atmosphere. Thanks!
Todd Gwynn
Brunswick, GA USA
We just spent a great Mardi Gras Weekend in St. Simons with every lunch and dinner at the Blackwater Grill. The crab cakes and filet are to die for!
Joy <jlcburn@aol.com>
Atlanta, GA
love your food !

Your food is fantastic! We wish there was a Blackwater Grill in Pittsburgh so we could try everything on the menu. The shrimp & grits and the jambalaya dishes were spectacular!
Mark Valenti & Shannon Nixon <nixonsha@yahoo.com>
Pittsburgh, PA
Hey...people, tell Libby that I said HI and that she SINGS VERY WELL and CONGRATS on her ALL STATE and that she is BEAUTIFUL! hehe...
Brian <coolsport7777777>
Marietta , GA
I was fortunate to sample your entire menu over two nights with an old friend from Australia. Shrimp and grits and the pasta are the best. Can't wait to get back and try your new filet. Thanks for excellent food and your hospitality.
George Hodges <Gwihodges@aol.com>
Atlanta, Ga
We visited your terrific place on Oct 13th of this year and Peter was our waiter, story teller, person with a excellent knowledge of food and menu. We travel through your area only every three years or so to visit Florida, this was the second time to visit St. Simon's Island and regretfully our first visit to you. We will definetly stop and see you when we come through next time, keep up the excellent work.
Tim & Sandy Cislo <cislots@aol.com>
Marcus Hook, Pa
Enjoyed a great meal at your restaurant on 10-5-2002! Can't wait to try another item on your menu, when I am at St. Simons next fall with our golf group. Hello to Becky our waitress. The pork chop was great!!
Shirley Rhoads <sdrroad@hotmail.com>
Bonaire, Ga
We are writing Bon Appetit for one of your recipes. Of the five restaurants we dined at, your Shrimp and Grits were the best. We tried J Mac's, Chelsea's, Barbara Jeans, and Archibald's! We felt most at home and had the best dinner at Blackwater's! Thanks you!
Woody and Monica Marr <coconuts@jetconex.com>
Spring Hill, FL
John & Rhonda, What a WONDERFUL time we had performing at your resturaunt. You guys are so nice! What hospitality. I really like you old cook. What a nice meal he laid out for us. You also have a wonderful site. Man does my mouth water. John I will take you up on you Cajun dry rub ribs!!!! looking forward to performing for you guys again in the future. Andy kept talking about how great your place was. I really think he had a great time too. Thanks to good old Wayne. Andy said thanks so much for the floppy. You saved our show! Keep up the great work, and great food. Thanks so much for accepting us and our good old cajun/zydeco music! Also we'll let you know something asap about March 1st. Hope we can get back from Japan in time! You know I'd LOVE to do the Mardi Gras with ya'll!!! Thanks for such a great time, and friendship John & Rhonda!!!! Aeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Love, Cajun Dave (The crazy cajun!)
Cajun Dave Becnel <dcajun@worldnet.att.net>
Citra, Fl
Wow, your menu looks great! We can't wait to get down there and try everything on the menu!
Patti Mills <patti@theblessedbee.com>
Norcross, GA
This is one of the best experiences in dining out. The atmosphere is relaxing and the food wonderful. I recommend this place to anybody visiting SSI.
Betty White <BettyGWhite@aol.com>
Conyers, GA
I have never been to SSI but it looks like it is worth the trip to visit BG. Just reading the menu makes my mouth water. But more than the menu, I know the owners provide top notch service and quality. You can't get better.
Mike Frank <mfjfrank@cbn.net.id>
Jakarta, Indonesia - Friday, October 26, 2001 at 09:05:07 (EDT)
What a delightful restaurant!!!! The decor is perfect, the food is fabulous, and the service is SUPERB!! John, Jamie, and Kat provided us with a wonderful evening. We can't wait to go back!!
BW & Rosemary Beall <bwbeall@mindspring.com>
Lilburn, GA
You have a fabulous place. Food, decor, service, all great. Our family was made to feel quite comfortable, we enjoyed our 2 meals there. We can't wait to return.
Cindy Bowman <Mikebofpa@msn.com>
Blue Bell, PA
Blackwater Grill is a classic southern restaurant destination in the making. If I'm within 150 miles during my travels...I'm there again, for the wonderful food and hospitable reception.
Rick Frommer <rickfrommer@mindspring.com>
Cumming, GA
The best dining in St Simons period. Great service. Try the Shrimp and Grits. Had it twice and can't wait to get back to have it again.
Kermit Llaurador <kllaurador@home.com>
Atlanta, GA
Although tucked away in Redfern Village, Blackwater Grill is a wonderful find! The food was marvelous (especially Bee's Shrimp Dip)and the service exceptional. The owners are very personable and interested in customer satisfaction. Can't wait to make another visit.
Sarah <copperpinE@aol.com>
Jacksonville, FL
Can't wait to join you for dinner!
Sherry Roueche
Phoenix, AZ
We celebrated my mothers birthday and brought in a crowd. Everyone had something different and I sampled everying...The seafood is delicious and so was their steak and ribs...something for everyone. The decor is beautifully done and the service was fantastic. It was great to see you and your husband, have done a great job. See you in September for my B'day! Love, SZQ (Sue Doman Topping)
Sue Doman Topping <szqtopp@aol.com>
Stone Mountain, GA
There are so many wonderful dishes, it's hard to pick my favorite, but among them are the Shrimp and Grits and the Cajun Pasta. Crawfish Etoufee was fabulous also! This is a winner of a restaurant!
Randy McDonald <randalmcdonald@earthlink.net>
Cudjoe Island, FL
What a great restaurant!!Wonderful food and the owners are sooo nice and friendly. Can hardly wait to get back there..
sg bruce <sgb24fan@aol.com>
flowery branch, GA
The best crab cakes and the ribs are absolutely fantastic...they melt in your mouth. Can't wait until we visit St. Simons again to eat at the Blackwater Grill again!
Joy Burnette <LassieScot@aol.com>
Lilburn, GA
I have heard nothing but great things from all the people I know who have been to the Blackwater Grill. My wife compares it to her favorite restaurant in Atlanta - High Praise Indeed!! The owners are the BEST! I can't wait to get there - I have been working to pay for Rhonda's nephew!!
J.W. <jwgiles@bellsouth.net>
Lawrenceville, GA
Had three meals there and all were wonderful. The decor is great and the hostesses, bartenders, chef, owner and waitresses were the best! I'll be back!
Libby McDonald <Libbymcdonald@aol.com>
Key West, FL
Hi Guys, Rumor has it that Blackwater Grill is the place to be on SSI. Can't wait to visit. Hopefully, soon. Go Jackets Rosa and Jack
Rosa Smith Probst <Rprobst46@aol.com>
Powell, oh
I'm so proud of you guys!! The place was lovely and the food out of this world. We have been trying to get back to SSI, you know how that is. I hope you have continued sucess. Love, PJ
Pam Kruzdlo "PJ" <pjpj1@aol.com>
Charleston, SC
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